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Jon Brandt, began his career as a county CPS social worker, investigating child abuse and working with victims and families.  For nearly a
decade he was a licensing social worker for PATH foster homes, providing supervision to hundreds of foster kids, support to foster families,
and training for foster parents and supporting professionals.  For more than 30 years, Jon has been providing assessments and treatment to
adolescents who have sexually offended, and to their families.  He is a clinical member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers,
serves on the board of directors of the Minnesota Chapter of ATSA, and is on the board of directors of the Minnesota Council of Child Caring
Agencies. He is currently the Director of Mapletree, a residential program for adolescent offenders in Maplewood, MN.  

Linda S. Budd, PhD, LP, LMFT, RPT-S, has practiced at her craft for over 39 years. She is adjunct faculty in Family Social Science at the
University of Minnesota. Dr. Budd wrote
Living With The Active Alert Child (3rd edition) as well as The Journey of Parenting: Helping Your
Child Become a Competent, Caring and Contributing Adult
. Her latest book is I’m OK, You're Not OK: Experiences of Having a Loved One
with a Personality Disorder

Jonathan Friesen, is an international speaker and award-winning author, whose personal experience with Tourette syndrome and epilepsy
inspired him to write the highly acclaimed novel
Jerk, California (Penguin, 2008), winner of the American Library Association’s 2009
Schneider Award - “Best Book for Teens,” and the coveted “Editor’s Choice” award. He has also received four Higher Goals EPA awards for
his short stories. He’s the author of seven novels including
Rush (Penguin, 2010) and The Last Martin (Zondervan/HarperCollins, 2011), both of
which explore mental health issues. Now
Aquifer (Blink/HarperCollins, 2013) his dystopian release, is earning rave reviews for a stunning
portrayal of relational hope amidst chaos. Look for the stunning upcoming releases of
Mayday (Penguin, April 2014) and Both of Me
(Blink/HarperCollins, 2015).

Charlene Myklebust, Psy.D., is an educational leadership consultant with Intermediate District 287.  Char holds a Doctorate from Adler
University in Chicago and completed her pre-doctoral internship at Hazelden Center for Youth and Families. Char co-authored the Minnesota
Department of Education teacher training series, "Early Warning Signs of Children's Mental Health Disorders." She is a past recipient of the
"Outstanding Service" award from the MN Association for Children's Mental Health and the "Educator of the Year” award from the MN Chapter
of NAMI.  Dr. Myklebust's professional activities include conducting state and national workshops as an Eric Jensen certified brain-based
education trainer and co-facilitating a District 287 school administration professional development series called, “A Better Way,” a cohort
program designed to help school leaders reduce exclusionary practices that result in the suspension and exclusion of a disproportionate number
of students of color and those with disabilities. She owns an independent educational consulting business, Professional Education Pal.

Jim Nelson, LP, worked for over twenty years as a Licensed Consulting Psychologist in private practice, and in the Anoka-Hennepin School
District.  He has taught for almost 40 years, and was selected to the Who's Who of American Teachers and was one of the first recipients of
Medtronic's Outstanding Teacher Award.  He teaches at the Meditation Center in Minneapolis and is Vice-President of AHYMS an association of
meditation centers throughout North and South America. Jim speaks nationally and Internationally on a broad range of topics including: The
Origin of Negative Emotions, The Importance of Forgiveness, The Essential Ingredients for Change, and The Therapeutic Effects of Silence.  
He’s the author of the book
Running on Empty: The Seduction, Destruction, and Transformation of our Youth.

Jeanne Schur, Ph.D., LP, is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the diagnostic assessment of children, adolescents and adults.  She has
25 years of experience as a consultant to various Minnesota County agencies and is a former associate clinical professor to academic institutions
(E.g. University of MN; MSPP).  She conducts workshops and seminars entitled, “Lessons in Self-Awareness.”  Dr. Schur is an inspirational
and dynamic speaker who encourages self-development as a key tool in relating to the complicated dynamics of impoverished youth and
families.  Integrating psychodynamic theory with behavior is a critical factor in understanding pathological behavior.

Nimi Singh, M.D., M.P.H., M.A., is an Assistant professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Adolescent Medicine Fellowship in the Division of
Adolescent Health and Medicine at the University of Minnesota. She received her medical degree at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New
York City, did a residency in Pediatrics and International Child Health at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland Ohio. She holds
two Masters degrees, one in Medical Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University and one in Public Health from the University of
Washington in Seattle, where she completed her training with a fellowship in Adolescent medicine. Dr. Singh’s clinical and research interests
have focused on disenfranchised youth, and on the mental health needs of youth in varying socioeconomic and cultural contexts. Currently she
is focused on exploring, teaching and evaluating means by which to promote mental health and resilience in youth. In 2003 and 2007, she was
the recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Educator Award by the residents in the Department of Pediatrics.
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